Traveling with baby: what to pack?

Traveling with baby: what to pack?

Going on holiday with your baby for the first time is a very special moment. You can enjoy your new family, but it can also be quite challenging. Both: the journey to the destination and finding your feet in a new place, it is quite a challenge to create peace and harmony. That's why it's good to be well prepared for a trip. In this blog we will tell you how our products can provide more peace and comfort while traveling.

Heartbeat comforter 

During the journey, it can be quite a challenge to radiate peace to your child or to let them sleep at the right times. Our heartbeat comforter helps create familiar ambient sounds. The cuddly toy with heartbeat sounds ensures that your child can fall asleep peacefully. You can also choose for a white noise, this sound filters the ambient sounds, so that your child is not bothered by unexpected noises. There are also two other soothing melodies. With the timer you can set after what time the heartbeat comforter will automatically stop and when your child starts to cry, the cuddly toy will automatically turn on again. The cuddly toy comes in handy during the journey in the car or plane, but also at the destination itself, the heartbeat comforter can lie comfortably with your child when they go to sleep.

Night light with red light

To ensure that your child sleeps well on holiday, it is important to create an environment that resembles home as much as possible. Therefore, take as many items as possible with you that are also in the bedroom at home. Among other things, a well-known night light or star projector can help with. And these items are also easy to carry in the suitcase. Choose a night light with red light and avoid other colors such as orange or pink for a good night's sleep. A night light with a timer can also be a good choice. This way your child can fall asleep peacefully with the red light and the room will automatically become completely dark after the night light switches on again. Take a good look at what works best for your child. Some children like it if there is still a small light on when they wake up in the middle of the night, this can give a safe feeling.

Olly bluetooth speaker

Besides the fact that rest is very important, fun cannot be missed during the holiday! With our soft bluetooth speaker Olly, you can start your own party anywhere. Olly is a soft cuddly toy with a (Bluetooth) speaker and a lamp. Connect Olly to your phone and listen to your favorite songs. Olly is also a lamp that can change color. When the speaker and the lamp are on, you can let the lamp dance along to the beat of the music. Thanks to the included mounting hook, you can easily take Olly with you wherever you go. Hang Olly on the buggy, on the playpen or on the bed and Olly will put a smile on your face all holiday long!

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