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Flow Amsterdam heartbeat comforters

What is a heartbeat comforter?

When your baby is born, he comes into a whole new world. They are no longer in their safe and known environment, the uterus. This can cause trouble when sleeping or falling asleep. A heartbeat comforter can help in this case. The soft toy with heartbeat can make sure the baby hears a familiar or comforting sound. This can be a heartbeat, close to the heartbeat in the uterus. Also, white noise or rain can sound very soothing to a baby. And at last, there are always calming lullabies that help get your baby to sleep.

A heartbeat comforter cannot be missed in a new family with a newborn. This is also the perfect maternity gift.

What kind of heartbeat comforters are there?

Flow Amsterdam has a lot of different heartbeat comforters. For starters we have our Moby heartbeat comforter in the shape of a whale. This one comes in green and grey. Furthermore, we sell our Robin toy, a fox, in the colors grey and orange. Also, we have a very cute bunny, Milo, in brown and grey. At last, there is an octopus, Olly, in our collection. This one can be hung from the crib, playpen, and buggy. Our newest heartbeat comforter is Liva in the shape of a goose, this one comes in beige and brown.

Is a toy not your style, or do you always want to have a spare music box? Then you can always buy a separate music box at Flow Amsterdam. With this your baby can always sleep safe and sound.

How do the music boxes of Flow Amsterdam work?

The heartbeat comforters of Flow Amsterdam have two separate parts. A music box and a soft toy. The music box can be separated from the toy, so you can wash the toy in the washing machine. The music box works with 2 AA batteries. The music box has four different sounds; heartbeat, white noise / rain, and two different lullabies or melodies. The heartbeat comforter has a timer, you can choose a timer of 15, 30 or 60 minutes. After this, the heartbeat comforter turns off automatically, but with the cry sensor it will activate in time again.