Our Story


Heartbeat comforter with white noise

The brand 

Flow Amsterdam is a dutch brand that designs products which give young parents the rest and harmony in those early years. As young parents we know that having a baby is the most special experience, but parenthood also has a lot of challenges. With our products we want to give young parents support, and their babies the love, trust and security they need for their development in those early years. 

"Because a good start in life means everything"  

Our mission 

Flow Amsterdam wants to create a more fun and easy life for parents and their children. Having children is very special and we feel they deserve only the best. Our meaningful, functional, stylish and trustworthy products give them the love, harmony and safety they need during their development. We want to support all young parents in the many parenting challenges they face. 

Our philosophy 

We dream of bringing harmony, simplicity and happiness in the life of young children and their parents by creating meaningful products. 

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Our values 

Rest and harmony 
Flow Amsterdam knows parenting has many challenges. We would love to contribute to rest and comfort for children and their parents by bringing harmony into the daily life of familes with our products. We make sure that as a parent you can trust us every day.

Flow Amsterdam gets inspired by the unconditional love you have as a parent for your baby. When designing our products we always keep the love, security and trust you give them during the development in their early years in mind.   

When designing our products we always look through the lens of the user, therefore Flow Amsterdam products are functional at first. Our products are easy to use and of high quality. We keep on looking for new and original ways to implement this in our collection.

Flow Amsterdam designs products that are not only functional, but also stylish. With our products we show that simplicity, functionality and style can be combined perfectly.  

Baby Mobile

The collection 

The collection exists of function products, that are stylish and easy to use. With every product we design we think about how we can support kids and young parents during the many challenges parenthood gives you in the first years. To develop as a child it is important to have a good amount and good quality sleep. In our collection you find a lot of products that focus on supporting your baby's sleep; Our heartbeat comforters make sure your baby feels safe and familiar when hearing their mothers heartbeat, with our night lights no kids have to be afraid of the dark and our sleep trainers contribute to a good sleep schedule. Other than supporting sleep, our collection is also focussed on the development of your baby in their early moments; our baby mobile stimulates their visual development and our baby gym their hand-eye coordination. By using our products as a parent you'll experience more moments of rest and harmony, which in their place contribute to a happy family life. 

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Flow Amsterdam & Sustainability

Flow Amsterdam sees the importance of developing and producing sustainable products. A product that lasts longer has more value: A higher quality, less after care and a step closer to a sustainable society. When developing new products, the sustainable solution always has our preference. A good example of this is our rechargeable baby mobile, our sleep trainer and our night lights. 

On top of this we want  everyone who works for or with us to be able to do this in a safe and nice way. This concludes everyone within our own organisation, but also all our partners. We always make sure there are good work environments, no childlabor, no corruption, no discrimination. We are glad we can work on a better future, a healthier world and we will always try to find ways to improve even more.