Comforter Lou heartbeat and white noise

The best gifts for children

The holidays are coming, which means you need a lot of inspiration for gifts for your children. We are very happy to help you with this! Here is a list of the best gifts for under the Christmas tree!

During the dark winter months, a star projector is certainly a hit under the Christmas tree. Dots are projected onto the ceiling, turning the bedroom into a magical world. When your child goes to sleep, the light can make them feel safe. The projector has six different light options and it is also dimmable. It is extra convenient that the projector is rechargeable, so you don't have to look for new batteries every time.

Heartbeat comforters
It is also nice for future parents if there is a little something for their child under the tree. A beautiful but also exciting time is coming up for them. How nice is it if you can help them a little during this period with a cute gift? Our heartbeat comforters and comforters on the go are the ideal gift to give during the holidays. The comforter with a heartbeat ensures that the baby hears a familiar or reassuring sound. You can also choose white noise or 2 other soothing melodies. With the timer you can set the time after which the comforter will automatically switch off and when your child starts to cry, the comforter toy will automatically switch on again. Saves an extra walk to the baby's room, sounds ideal, right?
Heart beat comforter with white noise

Interior Lights
Now you may be thinking: “an interior lamp for under the Christmas tree”? But of course this is not just an typical interior light. Our medium lights can become a real friend for your child in their bedroom. When they go to sleep, you turn on the lamp, they can choose which color they want by tapping on the lamp and fall asleep peacefully. Besides the fact that the lamp is handy, it also looks great in the children's room! Due to the different designs, it suits any interior!
Interior Light Kids room

Bluetooth speaker
During the Holidays you will for sure listen to a lot of music, mostly Christmas songs! With our soft Bluetooth speaker Olly you can start your own Christmas party anywhere. Olly is a soft cuddly toy with a (Bluetooth) speaker and a lamp. Connect Olly to your phone and listen to your favorite songs. Olly is also a lamp that can change color. When the speaker and lamp are on, you can make the lamp dance to the beat of the music. Thanks to the included mounting hook, you can easily take the Bluetooth speaker anywhere. Hang Olly on the cart, on the playpen or in the tree and turn on the Christmas carols!

Night lights
In addition to toys, it is also nice to give something which is usefull for the nursery, for example. A night light is not only nice to give, but also very useful. It gives a child a safe feeling and can therefore help them sleep better. This can be a solution, especially during the dark winter months. Choose a suitable nightlight especially for children or a nightlight that is dimmable, so you prevent it from becoming too bright in the bedroom. Due to the different color options in Flow Amsterdam's night lights, you can choose a different color at any time. For example, red light promotes a child's sleep. When you tap the light, it changes color. This of course makes it even more fun for children!

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