Top 5 best babyshower gifts

Top 5 best babyshower gifts

Looking for a nice gift for a baby shower or newborn? We have listed our top 5 best babyshower gifts for you.

1. Heartbeat comforter
When a baby is born, he is suddenly in a completely different world. They are no longer in the familiar, safe womb. This can be especially difficult for them when sleeping and falling asleep. A heartbeat comforter can really help with that. The cuddly friend with heartbeat ensures that the baby hears a familiar or comforting sound. You can also choose a white noise or 2 other soothing melodies. With the timer you can set after what time the heartbeat comforter switches off automatically and when your child starts to cry, the cuddly toy will automatically turn on again. Saves an extra walk to the nursery, ideal right?

Hartslagknuffel met white noise

2. Night light with red light

Gifts that add something to the design of a baby's room are also a hit at baby showers. A night light is not only fun to give, but also very handy. It gives a baby a safe feeling and can therefore help to sleep better. Choose a suitable night light especially for children or a night light that is dimmable, so you prevent it from getting too bright in the bedroom. Due to the different color options in the Flow Amsterdam night lights, you can choose a different color at any time. For example, red light promotes a child's sleep. A good night light is indispensable in every family with a newborn baby, so it's a great maternity gift to give.

Nachtlampje met rood licht baby

3. Projector
A star projector also gives a baby a safe feeling and can therefore help to get to sleep better. Dots are projected on the ceiling, turning the bedroom into a magical world. There are six different light options on the projector. White, blue, yellow, all colors, fade between colors and fade all colors on/off. Extra handy is that the projector is rechargeable, so you don't have to look for new batteries every time. The optional 15-minute timer will also please young parents a lot, because the projector turns off automatically and they don't have to go back into the baby's room.

4. Baby gym
Babygym Ocean will ensure that babies can enjoy themselves very well. There is a lot to discover by looking, feeling and hearing. This supports the baby in developing the senses. In addition, your baby gains more and more control over his grasping techniques and learns that toys move more when you tap them or grab toys. This way you give a nice, but also very educational gift!

Baby gym oceaan dieren Flow Amsterdam

5. Baby Mobile
Indispensable in the playpen is of course a baby mobile. Because of the nice figures that hang on it and the sounds, babies become calm. Now you have tons of different options, but not many of them come with a remote control. A nice addition that many fathers can appreciate. Our Ocean playpen mobile is a hip mobile that can calm your baby down with the sweet melodies and his cute friends from the ocean. You can choose from four different melodies, Mozart and Meditation are our favorites! The mobile has an optional timer function where you can choose from 15 and 30 minutes. Besides the fact that the mobile looks nice and has nice melodies, it is also good for your baby's visual development!

Baby mobile ocean

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