The soothing effect of white noise and heartbeat sound on your baby

The soothing effect of white noise and heartbeat sound on your baby

Do you also wonder how a heartbeat comforter works? The sound of white noise and a heartbeat reminds your baby of the womb, making him or her feel safe and secure. It can help your baby relax and calm down. In addition, white noise and heartbeat sound have even more different benefits. Read more about the benefits of white noise and heartbeat comforters.

Why is white noise and heartbeat sound good for your baby?

White noise is a soothing sound that helps babies with sleeping. Like the sound of a heartbeat, it reminds them of the womb. These natural sounds synchronize the heartbeats, helping baby to calm down and fall asleep better. It is an effective technique to soothe and help your baby sleep.

What does white noise do?

White noise filters sounds for babies, giving them a calming effect when they need to sleep. It dampens sudden noises and loud sounds, so that the baby wakes up less quickly. It masks disturbing sounds, stimulates relaxation and improves sleep quality. The white noise ensures constant peace in your child's bedroom. White noise works especially well between 0 and 1.5 years, but you can also apply it occasionally later, for example on vacation.

What does a heartbeat comforter from Flow Amsterdam works?

This cuddly toy with heartbeat ensures that your child falls asleep peacefully. When you have skin-to-skin contact, your child will also regularly recognize the sound of a heartbeat, which provides a soothing feeling. The heartbeat comforter has the same sound as the heartbeat your baby hears in the womb and when you have skin-to-skin contact.

With the heartbeat comforters from Flow Amsterdam you can also choose a white noise or 2 other soothing melodies. With the timer you can set after what time the cuddly toy switches off automatically and when your child starts to cry, the heartbeat comforter will automatically turn on again. This way, the music box does not have to be on all night and your child does not become dependent on the sound of the heartbeat comforter.

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